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DEMO Units, Buy at discounted price meanwhile supply last:
PORTEGE Built To Order  (BTO)
All Portege M400 BTO
TECRA Built To Order  (BTO)
AllTecra A9 BTO
AllTecra M6 BTO
AllTecra M8 BTO
AllTecra M9 BTO
Make your selection reading the detailed specs, take the product tour then let me
know the Model, customized configuration,software  and I will price the demo unit
for you.
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Also available under the demo business
program as pre-configured:

Portege M400-S4034 - PPM41U-006005
Portege M400-S5032 - PPM40U-2KY03X
Portege M400-S5032X - PPM40U-2V8065
Tecra A8-EZ8511X - PTA83U-0PU02C
Tecra A8-EZ8512X - PTA83U-0PV021
Tecra A9-S9016X - PTS53U-01P00S
Tecra A9-S9017 - PTS53U-01N00R
Tecra M8-S8011 - PTM80U-003003
Tecra M9-S5512X - PTM90U-03H015
Tecra M9-S5513X - PTM90U-020015
Tecra M9-S5514X - PTM91U-03G01S
Tecra M9-S5515X - PTM91U-06Y02K