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FaxCentre F110MB
Up to 10 ppm black
Memory Fax 2Mb
Personal or small workgroup 1-5 people
A compact machine for basic faxing needs
FaxCentre F2121LMB
Up to 21 ppm black
64 Mb Memory. Fax 8Mb
Small-med. business or workgroup
5-15 people
A mid-volume fax loaded with high
end features
FaxCentre FC2218
Up to 18 ppm black
64 Mb Memory. Fax 16 Mb.
Best for workgroups 16-25 people
A robust devise to meet high-volume
fax needs
Tel: 732-449-3096; Fax 732-974-7595; email iuc@cybercomm.net
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